Monday, December 10, 2012

Performance Assessment - Albert Einstein

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A partir deste post abro a porta do boraver para a publicação de textos escritos pelo meu grande amigo Sir. Anthony, que continua lá pelas bandas de São Paulo.

A verdade é que muitos dos textos anteriores nasceram dessa nossa parceria, uma sintonia fina que permite que um consiga superar o outro na capacidade de falar merda, mesmo quando tal feito parece impossível.

Foram de conversas sem pé nem cabeça com Sir. Anthony que surgiram posts como João Gilberto e o RH e a descoberta de Cabral do Espaço Sideral.

Na mesma época que discutíamos como o João se sairia em uma avaliação gerencial de performance, discutimos a fundo o potencial de um outro executivo senior da mesma companhia:  Mr. Albert Einstein.

Coube ao meu parceiro Britânico (Sir Anthony, que na verdade nasceu no sertão da Bahia e tem como sobrenome o brasileiríssimo "Silva") a transcrição da nossa discussão sobre Mr. Einstein.

Ah, e essa é a última vez que faço essa introdução piegas, a partir daqui ele "urina" de porta aberta neste blog quando tiver a fim...

Pedro Tolentino - Editor in Chief

Performance Assessment - Albert Einstein 
(By Sir Anthony Silva)

- Well, sort of on purpose I left Albert’s assessment as the last one. You know… I think he’s amongst our most skilled people. I’m proud to have him on my team. Maybe this big investment the Group is making in the energy business could be just the perfect opportunity for him to show his full potential…

- Absolutely! That's great! I believe nobody has a doubt about his potential…

- … or about his knowledge in the energy sector!

- Couldn’t agree more! Actually, I have just a small concern about him. Nothing serious, but maybe it's worthy to share with you. My question is: are you all totally convinced Albert is ready to make the next step?

- Wait, wait… he’s quite senior… I've been his mentor for years. He started from the bottom, working with patents and now…

- Sure, I know! I know… but you agree white hair is not enough anymore, right? One needs to have the right attitude as well.

- Yeap, that’s right! He definitely needs to work on his executive presence. You know, that freak hair… and there were those pictures of him showing the tongue…

-… That one was really bad… wasn’t?

- He never understood the gravity... I guess Newton was the only one who did it back then.

- … But I am not even talking about this. When I look at him… hummm ... I don’t see the leadership profile the company is seeking for. I believe the leader must  always show a clear position, not behave as if everything in the universe was relative…

- Exactly! Long ago I'd noticed that as well and it’s a big concern for me. The client is very impatient nowadays; you cannot remain theorizing whether mass is energy or vice-versa in the squared light speed of markets… you must be assertive.

- By the way, just between us? I know you all like him… and so do I, of course! But, you don’t think he’s a little bit erratic when it comes to focus on results? We're trying to build a results oriented culture here; value creation, EVA… and he comes with that “e=mc2” story. C’mon… ! Imagine if I presented that at the Board meeting…?

- Well, that’s embarrassing... I don’t even know what to say… I think you guys are right… he’s a bit like you’re saying; indeed… maybe he has a too much technical profile. I gave him this feedback once… to change that professorial attitude, as if he was a sort of genius or so…

- That’s exactly the point for me: at the same time he’s senior, he also displays that kind of infantile behaviour…

- Oh, dear, that happens all the time... it’s the famous Grandfather Paradox…

- Well, I have a proposal. I don’t know if you agree, but I was considering him as the perfect guy for testing our Y-Career initiative, the “KY Program”, as we’re are now calling it.

- That’s perfect! I hate the idea of loosing that fantastic technician to gain a mediocre manager.

- Sure. Despite Albert's serious gaps, I'm definitely not anxious to lose a professional like him without a last try. I think all he needs is the right push to achieve a true quantum leap on his career. 

- Fine. So let’s observe how Albert is going to respond to our carrots and sticks.

- Agreed… we just need to put the KY in place to lubricate this painful probation.

- Don't worry boss, that was already taken care of...

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